3 Steps to Create Order in Your Business

Cat’s Eye Nebula, an example of order in the Universe 3,000 light years from Earth (credit: “NASA/CXC/SAO”)

Business Order from Chaos.  Wikipedia states that “chaos theory” may be used to describe patterns of behavior in several disciplines including economics.   Does it describe the behavior patterns of your business? Company systems that do not communicate and collaborate waste effort and lead to chaos. Client demands put pressure on us to order business services at the whims of our clients creating chaos.

Below are three steps to help you create order out of chaos in your business.  Following these steps will orient your business toward order and productivity.

Step 1.  Imagine Your Dream Business.  We design and build dream houses, why not design and build dream businesses?  There is a blueprint to follow in your business that would allow you to enter a totally new level of productivity and market advantage.

Imagine entering your dream house.  Created with you in mind it allows you to instantly work and live at a higher level. I believe there is such a design for your business.  But instead so often we construct systems, organize people, and assemble knowledge responding to momentary opportunities.  We then try to package them into business development strategies based on relationships rather than an intentional, organized design.    This “strategy” lacks purpose and creates fragments of market success rather than full market dominance.

Step 2.  Plant the “Seed” of Purpose.  A less competitive market for your product is waiting if you will identify a purpose for your business.  Businesses with a unifying purpose are few in the marketplace. What if a seed of purpose were envisioned for your company?  What if each client, system, and staff member were added specifically to grow organically from that seed.  What if only the necessary roots and branches to produce the “fruit” of the company purpose remained and the rest were pruned?

Design and order are evident in creation.  As a geochemist, I see a pattern of minerals in rock and can tell you the elements of its composition and the rate at which it cooled in the earths crust from simply looking at its pattern, its design.  This pattern of mineral behavior is consistent anywhere on earth and therefore is an example of “order”.  Is this design evident in your business product?  Regarding you, the Bible says in Romans that, “You are called according to His design and purpose“.  Even you are designed for a purpose.  Is your purpose evident in how you have designed your business?

Step 3.  Inspire a New Design.  We each reflect the design and purpose of our creator.  He has designed us in His image.  His purpose for us is that WE CREATE reflections of Him.  You have the ability to receive from him the wisdom, innovation, and knowledge to have your business reflect Him in design and purpose.  Why not create a business that reflects His wisdom?  Openly express to your team the purpose He has given you and design your business to produce that purpose.

What can you do today to reflect this type of design in your business?

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