The World Needs Your Dream

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Identify Your Big Dream

A few weeks ago I was walking in downtown Nashville during a break from a training seminar. I was thinking about specific dreams that I had for the future. Some very big dreams and goals. In total they were more than I had the resources for, and that was just the beginning.

I was overwhelmed and said, “Lord, if you want me to do these things then I will need your help”.  Just then as I walked around a corner was a church with a sign that said – Don’t Stop Dreaming, God Provides the Way. I had to laugh.

Understand Why You Dream

Webster defines a dream as an aspiration or goal. Other dreams are images and emotions we have during sleep. But the dreams I am writing about are the ideas in the core of our being that we think of as we gaze out the window thinking of what could be. They are the answer to the question, “If I could do anything without respect to resources and without respect to time I would… (you fill in the blank). Why do we have aspirations and goals in life? Could they be a ladder connecting us to a fulfilled life? Could they be whispers of divine purpose?

Bill Johnson in his book, “Dreaming With God” tells the story of Matt McPherson. As a young man Matt McPherson had made a hobby of making and shooting compound bows. One day God spoke to him and said, I know every answer to every problem in the world. If men would only ask me, I would give them the answers. Matt was compelled to ask the Lord how to build a better archery bow. Several weeks later at three o’clock he woke up seeing a piece of paper suspended before his eyes. On it was a sketch of a compound bow revealing a new concept. When his wife, Sherry, asked him what he was doing he said, “I think I’m having a vision”. He was. In response to his prayer, God gave him the initial concept for what would become the Mathews Archery Company, changing the archery industry forever.

Compound bows have an intrinsic problem to them: they have two cams/pulleys that must be properly synchronized to get the bow to work correctly. The idea that God put on the suspended sheet of paper was a whole new concept in bow design. It was a single-cam bow that eliminated the synchronizing issues. This idea turned the archery industry upside down.

Bring It To Life

What dream do you have that can turn the world upside down? Is it a new kind of business idea that can add wealth to society? Is it an innovation to simplify our lives? Is it a charity to pull others up from poverty? Is it a church planted in an abandoned city? The world needs your dream.

What one thing can you do today to take one step toward the dream The Lord has placed within you?


  1. Angel Fowler says:

    This was such a nice read. I have so many dreams and hope to fulfill the majority of them one day. Thanks Dave! 🙂

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