Follow In the Footsteps of God – Create in your Workplace


Creating is an attribute of God. We read in Genesis that in the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. The Spirit of God was brooding over the waters. Then the Lord spoke and there was light. In this passage we see the Holy Spirit moving upon the new earth and new form and new life were created as a result. Was this a unique one-time event, or a pattern?

We know of biblical accounts of the Holy spirit leading and creating with man. Moses, the architect of God’s Tabernacle, received the plan dimensions of the Tabernacle of Meeting from the Lord. Jacob, a shepherd and ancestor of Abraham, received dreams of how to prosper his flock and it made his wealth exceed his employer. Joseph as Governor of Egypt received and interpreted dreams and became second only to Pharaoh in power. It goes on and on. We see a pattern of the Lord showing us of how He wants to communicate and “create” with His creation.

Will the Lord still guide and direct us today? In an earlier post I wrote about the creation of the McPherson Bow Company through a divine dream. The Bible teaches us that the sons and daughters of God are led by His Spirit (Romans 8:14). This working together of the Holy Spirit and men and women continues today. Divine collaboration in your workplace can both be fulfilling and rewarding. Those that create in our society are generally more fulfilled and more compensated than those that are “working” the ideas of others. Why not step toward creating something new in your life and step into your full potential?

What is deep in your heart that you want to create? Would creating it make your workplace, your family, or the world a better place? Would it bring you closer to God. Would it allow Him to lead you more personally? Follow in His footsteps. Begin now to take your creative idea to the next level with these modest steps listed below. Each have helped me become more creative in different areas of my life:

Step 1. Ask God. No one knows you better. Drop what you’re doing now and ask Him what He has already placed in your heart and mind to create. You may be surprised what is already there waiting for you to recognize, name, and produce.

Step 2. Create a Mind Map. Map your idea using free mind mapping software. A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. It is created around a single idea around which is organized associated ideas or concepts. Then words or pictures are attached to each supporting idea. The benefit is that your idea can be taken from a general thought to an organized map to work through its implementation. Check out for a free example.

Step 3. Change Your Environment. We all work more productive with a change of environment. But, equally important, our environment affects the type of work we produce. Get out of your cubical and go to Starbucks or hide out in whatever creative cave you need to connect your heart and mind to God. Get away from the normal, everyday, environment you are usually in.

Step 4. Connect with Others in Your Creative Passion. It is simple now to become part of an on-line community that is passionate and creative in the subject area of your interest. Use blogs, social networking, and on-line media to become part of the community that understands, values, and encourages your creative pursuit.

Step 5. Know Your Tribe. Surround yourself with others that believe in you. You will have to do things differently than most people to create something totally new. It will involve time and effort pursing your dream. Hang with those that believe in you and don’t take it personal if others just don’t get it.

Remember, your life will be most fulfilled as you create something new. It’s worth your time! It also may bring you closer to God by requiring that you follow in His footsteps.


  1. “Brooding” over the waters. That’s a great image that shows concern and involvement to get it right. I get comfortable at work and often fall into the trap of “just doing enough to get by.” Shame on me. I need a little more brooding πŸ™‚

    • David – thank you for brooding over the post. You are always welcome here! I am trying to give creating more of a first place in my day. But oh so many distractions. Would love to hear you write on integrating a writing lifestyle into your everyday responsibilities!

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