Kingdom and Company – An Owners Calling


We recently considered a personal calling to serve the Lord within the workplace.  By sharing the gospel in words, decisions, and deeds we fulfill a call to be a light in the city of commerce.

But how does this call morph as we move into ownership?  Is our stewardship of the gospel expressed differently as an owner?

As owner, the company is under our authority.  Though leadership must be collaborative, it must  at times part the crowd and lead in a distinct direction.  Expressing vision is one of these leadership moments; it is at first singular than collaborative.

What responsibility does a leader have to express faith to the organization?  That depends on who the owner is and of what kingdom he hails.

A kingdom is described as a region under the control of a particular person;  the kings domain.  There are many kingdoms that control business;  each having a particular domain.  A board may control the assets of a corporation.  Government controls business law.  Professional societies control technical standards and professional conduct.

The kingdom of God pertains to the regions under control of the Lord.  A follower of Christ is part of the kingdom of God because he is under the control or influence of Christ. Everything under Christ’s domain is Christ’s Kingdom.

Should a business owner who knows the Lord bring the business within the domain of the Kingdom of God?  If so, it would mean the decisions of the business would be placed before the Lord for His direct influence.  Psalm 24:1 speaks to this ownership question:

The earth is the Lord’s and all it’s fullness.  The world and those who dwell therein.

The earth and the family of man is intended to be within domain of the Lord.  The degree of the Lord’s influence in the earth and the family of man is dependent upon the degree of man’s relationship and obedience to Him.

What extent should your business recognize the kingdom of God and be subject to it?  Other businesses in your market may not recognize His domain.  Why should you?

This situation has a parallel with each soul on the planet.  Though he died for us all, not all have believed in Him.  Though many company’s are owned by followers of Christ there are few examples to showcase.

It can be difficult to express faith in the marketplace yet we must.  There is pressure to keep faith speech from business so others are not offended; yet we know the gospel will offend some.  Not all our customers share our faith; yet many silently do.  Company’s are publicly harassed for biblically influenced policies; yet these companies stand out in the marketplace as an alternative to policies that are destructive to the soul.

We are expected to be bold for Christ.  Whether first century or 21st century Christian.  We are not to compromise the testimony of Christ to make peace.  We are to fully witness what He has done for us everywhere we go.

Have you been entrusted with a business?  Have you given it back to him in your heart?

A businesses culture reflects the values of its founder and current leader.  Are you a follower of Christ and a business owner?  If so, His worldview should be evident in your culture.  Indeed, His wisdom, knowledge, and understanding should be apparent in the business vision, mission, and purpose.

The assets of a business are under control of the owner, it’s a part of an owners kingdom.  If your business is the Lords, then He should have access to the operations, assets, alliances, ownership, and products to achieve His purposes.  If so, it is a part of His Kingdom.  If He has no influence then it is of the world and its kingdoms.

The Lord waits on each of us to place all we have into His hands, for His Kingdom’s purpose.  In return is access to His assets, alliances, and wisdom.  Placing our businesses in His hands allows us to stop serving Mammon in our workplace and instead seek the kingdom in our workplace:

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”  (Matthew 6:33)

How are others seeking the kingdom first as business owners?

  • Tyson Foods offers employees chaplain services at plants across America
  • Interstate Batteries owner encourages employees to receive Christ right on the company website
  • In and Out Burger places John 3:16 on the bottom of their cups.

Each are examples of owners operating their company within the  Kingdom of Christ.  What are your examples?  How can you as an owner give your company to the Lord to be directed for His purpose?

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