Your Worth

On what will you base your worth?

On what will you base your worth?

Worth the price.  Worth the payment.

What is your worth?  What is the payment given for you?

Worth is defined as “good or important enough to justify payment“. Worth may justify payment of an employees salary.  Worth may justify the love and labor by parent for child.

Is your worth defined by what others think of you? And what if others see no worth in you?  What is your worth then?  Is your worth affected by the performance you give others?  Is your worth affected by how you look today versus how you looked 20 years ago?  Is your worth affected by others’ words?  Is your worth affected by their thoughts?

Worth the price.  Worth the payment.

Many would say in the marketplace your worth is clearly defined.  They would say your worth to the company is the sum of the revenue you earn and the value of your relationships.  Each reduce down to money.  Essentially, they say your worth is defined by money. Human captial.

But marketplace Christians are required by love to see others through the eyes of the Lord.  Marketplace Christians have a higher report than the balance sheet.  At Christmas we are reminded that:

In the fullness of time God sent His Son to redeem us (Galatians 4:5).

A Son that would later redeem (pay) for the price of our sin with His life.  A life cannot be defined by money. Why did God do this? Why did He give something so precious to Him?

Your worth.

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