Is Work Without Faith Dead?

The phone rang. I answered it in my Freeport, Florida home looking over the palms and brown grass of February. It was the leader of our company calling from Africa. “Dave, I am here following some leads for new work in Uganda. Maybe this is the way we can give back to the community like you were talking about”. My heart leapt and my spirit soared.

Water For a Village

For years I had searched for a way to directly connect my faith to my work. But how when I was not the owner of the company? My mind raced and I realized my Paster and Father-In-Law, Billy Ferg of Living Faith Ministries had a long-term friend and Pastor in Kampala, Uganda. “Mike, my Father-In-Law has a contact there, let me get you his number”, I replied. Within 24 hours, Mike, EMR’s founder and the Uganda Pastor had met and forged a great relationship. It would result in a new water well built on the church property funded by the company. The health of the community and lives of women in the village would be dramatically improved for the better.

The experience came on the heels of a new mission and branding vision by the CEO. The CEO and leadership team had identified “Improving the Lives of Others” as our corporate purpose. To see the affect of the new brand so quickly effect our actions was amazing. The impact on the lives of others in Kampala, and we the staff, was astounding. Immediately I called my wife Melanie and began to tell the story of how we were a part of something great.

Living Water for a Company

Few of us would define the meaning of life in terms of money. Relationships, experiences and opportunities provide the meaning in our life. Yet, so many of the elements of business planning and metrics do not quantify this meaning. We methodically plug along with annual reports, budgets, business plans, but do not report or plan for the meaningful experiences in business. If we measure only money in business then we are not likely to be defined by something great. It’s just too flat of a life. It doesn’t interest me.

The most exciting moments in business for me have been when I have followed the leading of the Lord in the marketplace. It is when the work place contained, “Living Water”. James 2:17 says, “faith without works is dead”. The inverse, then, is also logically true. “Works without faith is dead; therefore, a workplace without faith is dead.

You are the CEO of your own desk. How can you bring faith to your work? What are some examples of great things you have seen accomplished by work following faith?

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