GPS for Your Journey – 3 Habits to Keep you on Route


Listen rather than look for direction in your journey

The chain saw ripped another scrub tree as we cleared the north Florida site for construction. VVVMMM!. Cell phone. “Not now”, I thought. “Answer that”, said something within me. Chain saw still buzzing. Ear plugs in. I could feel that direction more than hear it. I choked off the saw and walked around a building to cut the noise of the dozer. I thought, “If this phone call leads to something signficant I will not forget it”. I found a quiet place.

Work Interrupted

“David Winter?”, It was a teaming partner. “Yes, can I help you? I said”. “David, there is an opportunity coming out of the Air Force Reserve I think we need to look at. But it is due in three weeks and you’ll have to come to Washington DC in a few days and help write it”. I had site work to do. Leaving could delay the project. But I had been praying for an open door to grow federal contract work. Should I leave existing work and chase this?

I have worked for years in mundane workplaces. Years where my desk was the only terrain I’d see. It was my own choosing. A life of comfort is easier than a life of faith. But moving to Florida from Wisconsin did not allow complacency. I had an office to build, staff to hire, and clients to gain. I needed help to create a backlog of projects from nothing.

Created to Follow

The Lord whispers in Jeremiah 10:23 an ability we do not have:

I know that the way of man is not in himself. It is not in man to direct his steps.

But if it’s not within us to know direction do we give up and go back to complacency? No, although it would be easier. He promises instead to be our guide as we follow Him. If we follow what we cannot see then we have faith. Then doors are opened for us. Doors we cannot see. In this story above, I did leave the job site, go to Washington, and write the proposal. After 6 months we were notified that a new door was opened; we won a $25M contract. It was the first large design-build contract win for me. But most meaningful was the way in which the Lord directed me to it. The opportunity was just not on my radar.

3 Steps to Clearly Hear

Our hearing can be seasonal. Great instruction followed by silence. What happens if you are off route? Turn and believe. When I need to hear clearly again I do these things:

  1. Pray Every Morning: a friend once said this to me, “You will never hear and follow the rhythm of the Holy Spirit in your life unless you pray regularly”.
  2. Read the Word Every Morning: reading the Bible cleans our spirit and mind and prepares them to receive.
  3. Talk with Him Every Day: speak and meditate to the Lord. He likes to jump into these conversations.

Have fun this week hearing from the Lord, you may just see His smile as you follow Him.

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